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adorable G-Dragon getting a fright.

adorable G-Dragon getting a fright.

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zhang yixing the sweet talker, feat. hesitant luhan.

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aka three stage names fans will never ever use ever for taeyang seungri and daesung

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oh my god

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hanyeol | do not edit.

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when you finally get out of them skinny jeans


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Anonymous said: I hope your not mad at me for making you wait so long. :^; -puts arms around you and holds you- Sorry to make you wait. *kisses your forehead and looks into your eyes* I'm here now. -Kyungsoo <3 <3

*dies internally* *tries so hard not to blush* 

It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault.

*bites lip nervously* So now what? Movie or something  else?

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Anonymous said: -puppy eyes- Kaylan, I came back with all these snacks but you never responded back. ;( -Kyungsoo

You can blame Tumblr for that, cutie. I never got your message :(

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Everyone is bae today.

res-nullis youryunju hojeon-ce wonkatonks and the-exo-love especially are baes.

(( kyrieisathing and zeren-dipity are forever baes.))


So it’s totally rude to call someone ugly correct?

Example, (since most of the blogs that follow me are kpop related, I know you’ve said something like this before.)

"I’m so happy until I see another fan that has the same bias as me and she’s way prettier."

Sounds totally fine yes?

However, would you go around saying, “I love meeting other fans that have the same bias as me, especially when they’re ugly.”


But that’s kind of what you’re doing when you say someone is prettier than you. You’re calling someone-yourself- ugly. That’s rude. Stop.

Do you realize that no one can be prettier than you. You can’t compare your appearance to others.. You literally cannot. It’s exactly like comparing an apple to a dog. 
"Well, this apple has a really nice shape…. That dog has too much hair."
That’s exactly what you’re doing.
To compare things they have to be similar. You are so unique and unlike anyone else on this planet. You literally cannot be compared to another human being-so stop.

Does it make you happy to think other people are “prettier” than you? No, I guarantee it doesn’t. So why are you doing it? You wouldn’t ask a huge muscle dude to punch you in the face repeatedly would you? No, why? Cause that shit hurts and it doesn’t make you happy. Making yourself feel bad, intentionally, because you’re comparing yourself to someone else hurts and will not make you happy.

Think logically for once.

Yeah that girl might be pretty, and 20 guys or girls might find her pretty, but that does not mean you are not pretty. You don’t have to look like her to get people to like you. I promise. Be a good person. Be positive. Yeah everyone has shitty days, but everyone has good days too-if they try. Not everyone is going to like the way you look and that is totally okay because I guarantee you don’t like the way everyone looks either. 
It is so much better to be beautiful on the inside than the outside. Such a cliche sentence that I almost hate using it, but it’s true. I’ve ended friendships because the person is rude, ignorant, and/or a constant downer. 

Stop calling yourself ugly, think about what you say. And you might be sitting there like, well it’s about me, it’s not hurting anyone. Um.. yeah it is. It’s hurting you. And to you, you should be the most important person. You know how to change your thoughts-you do it all the time, So change them.

Stop comparing yourself to other people-that makes 0 sense.

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the prince | do not edit.

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be adorable | do not edit.

be adorable | do not edit.

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twinned poison | do not edit.

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