Anonymous asked:

Can u count the amount of stars in the sky? No. Neither i couldnt count the times in which u make me smile~ (chessy voice)

Live At Least Once Answer:

aw no blushing, but I did smile! :) Thank you anon <3






I lost it at 0:21


the hobbitses one yes i died video

the other night I had a terrible dream that I was back in high school (not the terrible part) and Taeil went to my school, and he said he didn’t like me (the terrible part) I was so sad when I woke up :/

Last night I had a dream that Block B was in town and some American security guard was giving them shit, so I totally lied and said I was “with them” and I made him do what they asked him to do. Then I was sitting next to Taeil and a fan was “secretly” trying to take pictures of him, so he did that  smoochy face he does, then looked at me and laughed and we both did the kissy face, but he ended up kissing me on accident..

yeah… that was nice.


my dreams i like some times